Training on Case Studies Development in Islamic Banking and Finance


Date: 22 June 2022

Venue: İSEFAM Seminer Hall

Time: 10:00-17:00

Registration Link:


The Training Brief

Islamic finance case study is an in-depth information display and invitation for analysis of various complex Islamic finance issues in detailed contexts. This training provides hands-on experience in Islamic finance case studies development process using  recently published Islamic finance case studies. Understanding and practicing cases studies development process is important for trainers, academics, and managers to effectively communicate any topic knowledge related to Islamic finance with its deep operational contexts.

The trainer will use two of his recently published cases studies, to demonstrate case studies development processes. The training covers topics such as the nature and typology of cases, commonly referred as cases vs cases studies; collecting and reporting narrative data for cases studies; forming various episodes of cases studies; developing an effective instructor note for the cases studies; structuring cases studies for industry trainings and classroom uses; and publication processes. The participants will be able to develop mini case studies during the training. Multiple experts in Islamic finance will be taken live to document their recent experience as a case studies by the participants.

Learning Objectives

  1. To understand the case method learning and its philosophy.
  2. To understand various types of case studies use in trainings and consulting work related to Islamic finance
  3. To understand and practice the case studies development process by developing a case study during the training.
  4. Understanding live case studies and how to document these for training use in Islamic finance.


  • Case studies development and its use is an essential skill for an impactful academic and training career.
  • Cases studies provide a systematic procedure to resolve contextual managerial problems.
  • Cases studies provide great publishing opportunities in specialised cases journals.

Potential Participants

 Trainers and associates with learning departments

  • Researchers and content developers for policy, trainings, and teaching
  • Consultants and employees analyzing cases for solutions development
  • Academics and researchers
  • Shariah scholars who would like to document stories from the historical jurisprudence

The Trainer Dr. Karim Ullah, Tenured Associate Professor

Karim Ullah has a PhD Management Research from Brunel University London on designing Islamic financial services as multiple case research. He also has extensive learning on case as a method training at Harvard Business School, Massachusetts, USA and certifications on designing training content, training of trainers, training need assessment, and evaluating the trainers from IFC World Bank. Karim Ullah earned multiple goldmedels and awards for his outstanding research and academic contributions, including awarded twice by the Government of Pakistan, Higher Education Commission for being the author of two best management Books of the years 2015-16 and 2017, in Pakistan. These books are published by Palgrave Macmillan and Koganpage, from New York, London, Singapore, and New Delhi. Currently, Karim is the Principal Author of an upcoming book that documents 22 global innovations in Islamic finance as reported in Thomson Reuters.

In 2015, Karim Ullah was in news for leading a team and won the competitive Financial Innovation Challenge Fund of the UK’s Department for International Development (UK DFID) and Central Bank of Pakistan to design and implement a Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance at Institute of Management Sciences (CEIF IMSciences), Pakistan. The challenge was aimed to integrate education, research, and best industry practices to achieve financial inclusion in Pakistan by designing and delivering new academic and trainings programmes and do pragmatic Islamic finance innovations.

Currently, Karim Ullah is working as Assistant Professor and Principal Author of the CEIF IMSciences project. He has nearly 12 years of experience in lecturing, training, research papers and books publications, and consulting on Islamic financial services with universities, regulators, and financial institutions mostly using case text as training and research method and case practice as skill to manage effective teams and do consulting. He is part of various committees and focus groups, that include the apex committees of Ministry of Finance in Pakistan and Islamic Finance Standards Developing Body in Yamen, to help in policies for Islamic financial services development and research. Karim has led a team to introduce 4 new educational programmes in Islamic finance, which has resulted in producing hundreds of new graduates that are employed by the Islamic financial institutions in Pakistan and abroad. Karim regularly presents his case research work and trainings at various forums including those in the US, UK, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.