Cuma, Aralık 8, 2023

Working Paper Seminars

What is the WPS (working paper seminars)?
The aim of the programme is to create a platform for academicians and students to present their working papers before them being published, allowing them to benefit from the feedbacks for their studies. This platform also aims to enhance the English speaking skills of the Turkish academics and students.

Program structure:
This program is planned to last for 60 mins. The first 30mins for presentations and the rest 30 mins for a Q/A and discussion session.

Who can attend?
It is open to those who are interested in Islamic Economics and Finance. However, the programme might be more appropriate for graduate students and academicians.

WPS-3: Socially Responsible Investment Sukuk and Its Potential

WPS-2: Islamic Finance: A Breakthrough Opportunity for Balkan Countries

WPS-1: The Relationship Between Morality and Economics: Evaluation From Islamic Perspective